Government policies are critical to advance green freight practices by shippers, carriers and logistics providers. The paper “Challenges and Opportunities for an Environmentally Sustainable Road Freight Sector in Asia” by the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) was prepared to brief senior government officials from transport and environmental ministries in Asia on green freight.

The paper provides an introductory overview of road freight issues in Asia with an emphasis on environmental impacts. It also identifies challenges and opportunities to reduce emissions and improve efficiency in this sector.

This paper acknowledges the need to look at the freight sector holistically, including all modes, but it focuses particularly on the road freight sector as it is the dominant mode of freight in Asia and is an area where immediate interventions can lead towards huge benefits, particularly in terms of reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

Read the full report here:  Green Freight Paper for Policymakers – CAI-Asia Aug2010